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Since 1812, the NH Bible Society has served the people of New Hampshire as an independent, nonprofit organization providing access to the Bible and scripture materials.

The Society serves as the state's premier scripture resource center with the latest information on translations and editions of the Bible and other scriptural material in all of the world languages spoken in New Hampshire.

The Society removes any obstacle so that every resident of New Hampshire can have the scripture resource they need in the most appropriate edition and language. Equipping Outreach Ministries, Communities and Churches

The NH Bible Society provides information and referral to all other outreach ministries, communities and churches.

Community and school libraries can receive expert advice regarding what a modern short shelf of Bibles and Bible reference books should include.

Outreach ministries can receive assistance in locating just the right materials for the group being served.

Local churches can be guided in the purchase of pew, pulpit, and study Bibles.

All ministries are aided by our standard discount of 40% off the suggested retail price of most Bibles.

Contact Information:
New Hampshire Bible Society
PO Box 1087
Concord, NH  03302-1087
Phone: (603) 224-1352
Fax: (603) 224-9161



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