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The Connecticut Bible Society  
     On May 11, 1809, a group of prominent citizens gathered in the Old State House in Hartford, Connecticut to form the Connecticut Bible Society (CBS).  
     Connecticut is the second oldest of the Bible societies in North America and the first to print the Bible, the Connecticut Bible Society adopted a simple and singular objective on that spring day in 1809. According to the beautifully inscribed record of that first meeting, “....The circulation of holy scriptures shall be its only objective. The common version of the Bible and impressions that combine cheapness and plainness, without note or comment, shall be selected.”                            
     The Connecticut Bible Society, chartered by the Senate and House of Representatives in the General Assembly convened on March 19, 1870, still exists for the purpose of encouraging people to read; study and distribute the Holy Scriptures. On May 10, 2009 we celebrated our 200th Anniversary.            
     Guided by a Board of Directors consisting of active clergy and laity from the Episcopal, Roman Catholic and several Protestant denominations the Connecticut Bible Society has distributed thousands of free Bibles (English and non-English), Bible reading guides and tracts to citizens throughout our state. Many correctional, health-care, educational and religious institutions as well as women’s shelters and homeless shelters have also been the beneficiaries of the Society since its inception.            
     Our mission continues to be encouraging encounters with the Word of God, and one way we do this is by offering our daily reading guide in both English and Spanish. Grants from the American Bible Society and the International Bible Society make it possible to send within Connecticut free Bibles as well as the daily reading guides. If we can help you with your ministry, please contact us for Bible Reading Guides or fill out a CBS Free Bibles Grant. 
We share with you the hope of making the Bible more easily available and believe God will do the rest.

Contact Information:

Connecticut Bible Society
277 Main Street,

Hartford, CT 06106

Phone: (860) 249-8629
 Fax: (860) 293-0532
E-mail: contact@ctbiblesociety.org



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